Neutrals for Spring

This time I won’t chat too long but instead I will share a couple of pictures from the weekend. The weather has been amazing these past days so I have felt like wearing cute tops and lighter jackets. My favourite is a faux leather jacket from Zara. I bought it in size M so I could wear hoodies and sweaters underneath (usually I am a size XS/S). It goes perfectly with everything and the price was reasonable too (39.95€). Unfortunately it is a bit hard to see the jacket because I forgot to take a picture with it on.. rookie mistakes, right? Oh and I haven’t been writing or speaking in English for a looong time, so this post will be in English for a change 🙂 Still figuring out which one I like using more here on the blog. Anyway..continuing with the outfit!

The pants I found couple of weeks ago from Pull&Bear. I have similar ones but in darker colours. These beige ones seemed perfect for Spring! They are super comfy and flattering too. The front is pretty cool, I kinda like the D-ring detail. The newest purchase is the top. I got it from River Island and to be honest I haven’t shopped there very much before. But this colour caught my eye and I love the satin look. I am definitely going to wear it a lot this summer! maybe with a cute skirt and sneakers or skinny jeans and heels. Before buying something, I always try to think of several different ways how to wear it. That way it won’t sit in the closet uselessly.

To be honest, I am the worst when it comes to outfits. If I like something, I buy it in different colours (or even the same colour..) and wear the same thing all the time. For example, I have about 10 black faux leather skirts in my closet..kinda ridiculous! But lately I have been more of a conscious buyer, I think a long time before purchasing something. And almost always, if something comes home with me impulsively, I regret it.
Also I am trying to be more creative, try different outfit combos and come out of my comfort zone. So probably I am going to share my journey here too when it comes to outfits. It is fun to focus on fashion too for a change!

I encourage you to try something new too, It feels really good!

Hope you all have a beautiful week 🙂

(PS. all the pics are taken by my dear Kaisa)

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