Summer festival outfits, makeup & hair

Hey loves! Last weekend I went to South of Estonia with Promoty and did festival makeup with NYX Cosmetics. So we basically had a cute hangout area for influencers and bloggers, organized little events, competitions and even morning yoga. I’ve never been to any big summer festivals before so it was pretty exciting to get ready for this one. Although Pühajärve Jaanituli has never been a big festival in my mind it didn’t really matter because we had our own little festival vibe going on. PS. apologize if the photos aren’t the best quality.. I actually didn’t plan on writing a blog post until couple days ago.

But on to the festival look. First of all, I got my hair done on Friday evening at Wavebar. Since I was going to be working and doing makeup the whole weekend, I wanted something low maintenance. A high ponytail seemed to be perfect for that. Marleen Pärkma and her beautiful assistant Linda created something beautiful that I was really happy to wear. The ponytail wasn’t uncomfortable at all and I was even able to sleep with it. I even went swimming with it and it dried up beautifully 😀 Just to mention, I don’t often do this, I just wanted not to be bothered with my hair at all.

Beautiful Marleen doing some magic on my hair
Of course I had to take a mirror selfie at this amazing salon

On the first day I went for purple and blue makeup. For the eyes I used mainly MAC Parfait Amour and Wedge eyeshadow and NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights blue eyeliner. I added some NYX cosmetics loose glitter in the end. It was nothing crazy but just perfect for me.

My outfit for the first day wasn’t also anything crazy. Actually I even wish I has something more exciting to show you…! But at least I was comfortable. Oh and I’ve never been a fan of belt bags but I got this one from Bershka for that weekend and it was the best! I had my money etc close to me and it was so easy to get to my phone to take photos of makeup. It fit couple of lipsticks too.

Faux leather jacket: Zara / T-shirt: Promoty,Asos / Belt bag: Bershka / Shorts: River Island

Since I already had the hair done (what a timesaver haha!) I only had makeup to do on the next day. I went for pretty much similar look but with bronze tones and red eyeliner. I will add couple of photos below but the makeup doesn’t show so well there.

The outfit for day 2 was something different for me. I’ve been loving these midi skirts a lot lately so I got myself this one from Zara and paired it with a simple crop tee from Stradivarius (around 5€). The skirt is pretty nice because you can wear it with sneakers, sandals and heels. I actually can’t wait to wear it on a night out. Oh and it doesn’t wrinkle at all so it’s perfect for travelling. I wore the same belt bag (probably the best thing ever I brought with me!) and finished the look with my favourite Reebok sneakers. The sneakers are just so comfortable that I want to wear them alll the time. Just got another pair for myself too..

T-shirt: Stradivarius / Skirt: Zara / Belt bag: Bershka / Shoes: Reebok / Scrunchie: Hellahair

The next concert I’m going to see, is Metallica in Tartu. Really excited for that one since I am still a rocker girl in heart. Also I think I will do more outfit planning this time 😄 I already have 2 two band t-shirts for it, so that’s progress I guess.

Until next time!

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