METALLICA: outfit, hair & makeup

I am feeling a bit depressed. Seriously. I was waiting for Metallica’s show for half a year and now it is over (sigh..). After being in the environment, hearing the live music I realized that I had missed it so much. My teenage years were spent visiting rock shows, really any kind because I just loved the live concert atmosphere. I lived and breathed music. Fastforward 10-15 years and now it is a rare thing. Anyway, I made a promise to myself to go to live shows more often. Besides – it gives a chance to dress up too! And that’s actually what I wanted to talk about in this post.

My outfit for Metallica was definitely built around the shoes. I was looking for combat boots with cutout parts and found a pair from Zara. They were on sale for about 15€ so I did’t really hesitate ordering them. Although they aren’t leather, my feet don’t get hot in them at all. It was a bit hard to get them on but I was really comfortable in them the whole evening (until 2am!). PS. I find these are more of a girly version of combat boots and I kinda like that.

Actually, I have to correct myself. The outfit was focused on the T-shirt (obviously!). I bought it right around the time I got the tickets, about 8 months ago. It is from H&M and made from really nice cotton. I actually saw many girls wearing it at the show but it doesn’t really matter. We were all cute!

The shorts are from River Island and were bought on sale as well (14€). Unfortunately they were one of the last ones.. They are size 34 and high mom jean style, so slightly oversized and high waisted. Have worn them a lot this summer!

You can’t really see the bag from the pictures but it’s actually a belt bag that I’m wearing as a crossbody. Sooo perfect for festivals and concerts. I’m the kind of person who wants her lipstick and compact powder with me so it fit all I needed. But I could also dance and jump without it being in the way. Also, it is quite safe (if you keep it in front of you at all times). Oh and I got the bag from Bershka, it was around 18€.

Instead of a leather jacket that I initially planned taking with me, I ended up taking a sweatshirt. It was a bit easier because I could either wrap it around my hips or throw it over my shoulders. And later on in the evening, it was perfect to throw on. I got it from Zara on sale, around 7-9 €.

The sunglasses. I got the shades from Bershka and they cost around 12€. They are a bit different from what I’m used to but kinda cool. They’re pretty large so they protect from sun quite good.

Makeup. The photos won’t be best quality because i just forgot to take nice pics. These ones are actually screen shots from a video..Sorry! But I went for a slightly smokey eye and nude lips. For the eyes I used my MAC eyeshadows (probably 10 different ones lol) and my MAC lipstick in “peach blossom”. The foundation was my trusty Studio Fix fluid. Oh and I took my MAC Studio Fix powder with me as well. Guess I am a MAC girl!

Hair. Since crazy hair doesn’t go with me really well, I went with a simple style again. I actually curled my hair in the morning, sprayed some SHOW beauty hairspray and only brushed through it right before the show ( around 6PM ). That way they were perfect till the late hours. I also fixed one side with two crystal hair pins I got from Stradivarius. Perfect effortless look!

Oh I forgot the most exciting part besides the show itself. Metallica actually reposted my story on Instagram and it made me really happy! Isn’t it cool?!

So that’s it for this time! I really hope I gave you some ideas for your next festival or concert. Let me know how you liked my look too!

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