Norvell Venetian Sunless Mousse + quick life update

Well, hello! Long time no see.. I’ve been away for a bit because I felt like I needed social media rehab 😄 No joke, the end of the year was so insane and I didn’t realize how tired I was, until I had a few days off. Those days consisted of watching Harry Potter movies and eating oreos, pizza etc.. the usual, right? But now I’m back on track with everything!

I feel like I didn’t really try any new beauty products for a while. Until Tradehouse (a beauty supply store in Estonia) sent me a lovely package with lots of goodies. One of the products I was excited to try, was Norvell self-tanning mousse. First of all, I hadn’t heard of the brand + I’m really into self-tanning products and always excited to give new stuff a try.

I noticed that the mousse application glove they sent me was VERY soft. Almost feels like it’s made out of velvet and a it’s a lot thicker than other gloves. I kinda like that it comes in black colour, that way the look of the glove doesn’t change because you can’t see the stains on it. The application with this glove is on another level 😍 everything is so smooth and it also feels soft on the skin.

The tanning mousse itself is a m a z i n g ( a quick reminder that this isn’t a paid post 😄) . The first thing I noticed was the smooth application. I didn’t have to work so hard to even out the product. Then I started noticing the scent.. like caramel & vanilla! Gave me vacay vibes immediately.. It does not have ANY self-tanner smell, even after it’s dry. That’s a big plus for me. Another plus – there is NO orange shade. Whatsoever. The colour is very cool-toned, it even says, that it has some kind of purple colour in it.

After applying the mousse, my skin felt a little bit sticky (maybe not the right word.. but I could just feel like there was something on my skin). But it didn’t bother me too much. Compared to St. Tropez mousse, the stickiness went away faster with Norvell mousse. Vita Liberata mousse is the least stickiest of them all, in my opinion.

The mousse has bronzer in it therefore it left immediate color on the skin. I applied the mousse in the evening but it didn’t stain the bedsheets or anything. The first time I used it, I was very hesitant about looking in the mirror because of the fear of streaks. But there were none. I just washed the bronzer off in the morning and I was left with the most natural looking tan ever. Again, amazing!

The tan stayed on for about a week which is a little bit less than with Vita Liberata. But in general, I am very happy with it! Definitely recommending 100%. Oh, and the price is reasonable too – 29.70€. Especially considering it has more product in it than other self-tanning mousses have – 237ml. The usual is 150-200ml. By the way! I couldn’t find anything about the darkness/different shades of the mousse. So it seems that the Venetian one comes in one colour. For example, some other brands have light/medium & medium/dark option.

I added a couple pics about the day after applying the tanning mousse. I went to a spa and didn’t want to reflect light back to the moon 😅 The lighting may not be perfect but you kinda get the idea how the tan looks. PS! Those dark spots on my legs are veigns.. they look like bruises.. oh well, can’t be perfect!

Thank you for reading this post and we’ll see in 2 months!! Haha hopefully this time it will be sooner..

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